The other day, I bumped into him,
An old companion, once was he.

Truly astounded, I signaled him to stay.
An Adrenaline rush made his heart quicken.
Gathering my sensibility, 
I tried to shake the sensations clouding my head,
And barely attempted for a friendly hug,
Newly originated from it, was a tight embrace.

We smiled at the changed times,
How we are landed in an irreversible unfamiliarity.
Once he had the charm,
To fetch smiles on my face.
It remains to be so, but then smiles have their own stories.

The demon of separation is poisonous,
For it eats the moments, but leaves the memories to cry for.
Everything seemed worthy,
In his announced and unannounced appearances.
People called me insane,
For my story ended in his terrain.

More than a requisition,
He never understood, what he was!
More than a beloved and equivalent to God. 
At his feet....

I was,
In my brokenness complete.



Those Three words


Those three words he hardly ever said,

Converting my expectation to doubt,

Leading me to an endless series of droughts.

Often I found him confessing deepest of his secrets into me.

And gave me reasons numerous to glee.

Yet those three words he hardly ever said.


Whenever I fell down, he came to my aid.

As I was on the verge of falling for those eyes,

Thinking of him,

Finally uttering those three words.

One more time, this doltish heart of mine,

Was  scolded to expect the unreal.


Then,  one day while sitting alone,

It occurred to me, more like an enlightenment,

How foolish I was to keep finding the wrong things!

Kept wishing when it wasn’t meant to be.


Pondering some more, discovered for my amazement,

Has love ever been restricted to words or annotations?

How about announcing it through actions?

It’s something which is neither loud nor silent.

I became lovesick, for I forgot what love is.


All this while he became a shield,

For a me, so fragile.

Kept donating his bits and pieces,

To create a better ME.

So what, if those three words he hardly ever said.


I couldn’t help smiling,

So much more was said in the unsaid

Like a big time fool,

I kept writing the diaries of grief for the ache of unacknowledged love.

While he  honored it, with unbeatable deeds.

I wished for one star,

While he became the universe.



As quiet as a falling feather,

It wasn’t too easy to hear.

Such was his love,

Silent , pure and dynamic

Still, those three words he hardly ever said.


*Dedicating this one to all those who knows the power of love.




Breaking Free

images (3).jpg

In a battle of wills and desires,
I was tempted,
To break free,
Instructions of Morality somewhat became the cocoon.

Pleasure of Heart,
Caused the strings to break,
To dive deeper,
In an ocean of love,
Offered to me.

Destiny plays its games,
And look, here I am,
In the middle of nowhere.
In the end, not to conquer
Anything but myself.

Those Few Days…



Those few days,
I lived more.
Between your soft whispers and scent of your neck,
I felt happiness in stocks.
As the fountains mingle with river,
And fragrance with flowers,
I found you close in millions of stars.

Mornings with you,
Were blessed.
Sun rays falling from the square window ,
Lying on our entangled bodies like sweet honey.
With almighty’s grace, I’ve got you here,
In my embrace to care
and shower upon you
‎ all I hold inside me
Like an impossible dream.

From your cocky morning voice to your sleepy ones,
And that sexy look to the kiddish tunes,
I cherish those gestures now that you are gone.
Nothing seems better than your
Childlike smile and your pious heart.
From the tap of your feet to the murmuring of songs,
I felt your appearance very strong.

All those instances of making love everywhere,
It couldn’t have been any better, oh dear love!
The fear of losing you seemed shorter than the feeling of having you.
Finally for once it went away,
With your touch and incense.
I couldn’t help these eyes to notice the way your fingers move,
Tepidly spreading lust and vigor.
I checked on you secretly,
To get a wind of your lonely affairs.
From your eating habits to your sleeping styles,
I learnt all to remember them forever.

A fantasy turned in reality,
I couldn’t believe my luck,
When you were close.
I want to fill my lungs,
With your perfume,
And hear your laughter,
Echo through our home.

Placing my hand over my heart,
I only feel, it is yours.
Now with every beat,
I feel more alive.
Enamored in my heart,
Is your identity.
Never doubt my love or its chastity.

Parting is a sweet sorrow,
I close my eyes,
And pretend that these miles don’t exist for us,
For true love is inseparable.
I live in you and you in me,
That’s the only truth I know.
I hold inside like a fume of your sighs,
And I have framed it love.

Right Partners


It’s Valentine’s Day folks!! A day to make your loved ones feel good about what you share with them. Since I’ve started understanding relationships, the concept of marriage and how it feels to share every bit of your life forever, I’ve always been mulling over the question ‘Who is the right partner’? ‘Why in the world it takes lot of time to know and find out the right one?’

As human beings, we are designed to cooperate and compromise in every situation. I see very few couples today who are truly into each other, not just to showcase their bond, but who truly belong to each other. Some of them are too close in the initial years of relationship and remain to be so for early years of their marriage, but gradually the memories seem to fade along with the relation.

I feel this phenomenon of finding a right person is overrated. People spend lifetime to search for the best partner and hence, end up being frustrated by keeping the scale of their expectations too high. As they say ‘Stop looking for the right person and focus on your goals, the right person will walk into your life at the right time’.

A right partner is not always the one who makes you feel loved twenty four hours or someone who sings praises of your beauty. Finding a partner who understands your flaws completely and inspires you to battle with them to grow in life is undoubtedly a really difficult job. I mean he could be sitting right next to you, or may be just pass by your side in a crowded street! How are we supposed to find out?

I see a lot of people around me who are just handling the baggage of relationship because they don’t have a choice, and now it’s too late for them to stand up and go all impulsive about the whole idea of togetherness. It’s true that love is instinctual and full of madness and obsession, but it needs to be thoughtful too. Mindful of helping their partner to rise in their lives and get on with it positively. It should be capable of believing in your abilities and motivating you to look ahead. Someone who helps you in grooming your specialties and gives wings to your aspirations and dreams, even when they know it might be too late. A right person will make you feel special regardless of your age , beauty or colour and the one whom you know you can count on forever.

The beauty of love is how it changes lives. Somewhere in our bones we know that the definition of love is faulty. Love isn’t just a feeling. The feeling must be wedded to the deed, so that we can have a healthier conception of love.

If you get someone who believes in you and is fearless to go ahead with you even after knowing that you are a simple human being looking for love and realizes that there is absolutely nothing special about you except how it feels when you are together and how they are ready to go any extra mile to be with you, then that’s the one. Grab his or her hand and embark on a journey where you can be you and he can be him and together…well, you can last for a lifetime.


School Pop up Bazaar !!


Students had put up stalls for selling various handmade articles

The IB programme emphasizes that the assessment culture developed in a school must bring into line the objectives of the Primary year Programme. It puts together the assessment of inquiry based learning which is a crucial part of PYP framework. Assessment should be part of a process of teaching that enables students to understand the aims of their learning and how the quality of their achievement will be judged.

Our Grade 4 students had put up a live market in school as the summative assessment of the unit ‘ Market Place’. It was named ‘Le Kinder Haat’. Students decked up their stalls and counters with endless collection of handcrafted items starting from bookmarks, envelopes to cupcakes and muffins. During their inquiry, they explored how a market works. While learning about manufacturing , wholesaling and retailing, they also learnt how marketing of the products holds an important place in trade and commerce. They put charts and invitations in the most common areas of the school premises and even designed and distributed pamphlets to school mates and teachers. Along with that they also maintained an account of their manufacturing cost along with the selling price and concessions all of which they used to find out how much profit they have earned.

Pop up bazaar was a big hit as students explored a realistic learning out of it and observed it as a practical approach to handle customers. Each one of them independently joined in and presented themselves as good vendors. Moreover, as a ‘Taking Action’ part of the initiative, many of the students have decided to donate the funds collected through the bazaar to the deprived ones.

Learning is considered to be plenary only when it triggers creativity, ignites imagination and helps a child to see the real life application of anything by going beyond books.

The Third Gender


Hijras or the third genders have always been a matter of inquisitiveness and fear for me since childhood. I can recall that I grew up witnessing them as they roam the busy marketplaces in groups, terrorizing travellers in train hustling for ten or a hundred rupees. With manlike voice shouting cuss words and meeting their palms in the trademark clap, they prey on credulous passersby, who will part with their cash sooner than be treated to the sight of the group collectively lifting up their saris and flashing castrated genital areas right in their faces.

This morning while I was busy doing some household chores, I heard some noisy disturbance downstairs. I hurriedly rushed to my balcony to peep outside. Three manlike structures draped in colourful sarees and ill-fitted blouses, caked in cheap rouge and lipstick, wearing abundant gold plated shoddy jewellery were waiting outside my landlord’s house to bless the newborn. They created a commotion outside the house and danced with great fanfare. People from the neighbourhood started gathering around them addressing them ‘Maata ji ashirwaad karo ‘ As the tradition says, their visits are regarded auspicious on such occasions as it is believed that Hijras possess mystical powers, and their blessings – and curses – are both considered potent. They sing and dance and create a commotion outside the house until the mother has allowed them to look at the baby. Once they have blessed the child they demand absonant sums of money in lieu of their good wishes. Generally nobody wants to be accosted by them, so, people end up giving whatever they charge for their blessing.

Being considered freaks, unable to gain acceptability in society like the rest of us do, just because they are born in a way that is considered abnormal, these people end up becoming beggars, or enter into prostitution to keep up with their lives. They stay in areas where outsiders are strictly unwelcome. It is sad, tragic and heart-breaking how some people are born that way and how some of them are converted into Hijras by castrating their genitals.

The life that they are forced to lead, because of the way our society functions, is contradictory in itself.

Hello New Year


Hey you Mr. New Year!
What makes you come every year?
Hanging like a bag of rocks,
Are these the resolutions, my dear?

You come as a question mark?
And leave as a period.
In my prayers,
I seek joyful rides and lot of cheers.
But sorrow and laughter often come in pairs.

Embracing your uncertainty,
I await to unfold some beautiful chapters of life.
Please deliver a hope in my letter box.
Not just pain and strife.

Be kind to yourself,
And let your kindness flood the world.

So, what will you promise?
Mistakes , worries , fear !
Or a blissful happy new year?



Lend me some moments
From your clock.
Hard , is it for you?
Showing up at your door,
Might allow me a glance,
What if I want to sight more?

Last meeting is fresh in memory,
Wondering how distances affect!
Yesterday tried healing with the treasure of memories you gave,
Fruitless proved my endeavours,
And went my prayers in vain.

Once meet, and meet me forever.
Kill the curiosity of these lips
Combining yours’ together.

Hear the clamor of isolation inside me,
Like a spirit begging to be free.

Call me lunatic or what you may,
Bless me just once and only once for the long awaited play.
I wonder each and everyday,
Is that moment on its way?

Vocabulary Development Strategy: Frayer’s Model


Frayer’s model is a very supportive teaching strategy which utilizes a graphic organizer to make children comprehend difficult key concepts and is often considered a fantastic classroom management tool for vocabulary development. A graphic organizer isn’t just a worksheet, but a whole thinking routine. It helps students to present information and their understanding in a visual manner. They also take the intimidation out of writing assignments because students aren’t staring at a blank page.

This technique requires students to

(1) define the target vocabulary words or concepts

(2) apply this information by generating examples and non-examples. This information is placed on a chart that is divided into four sections to provide a visual representation for students.

Frayer’s Model is a beneficial strategy for students as it promotes critical thinking, can be used individually and in groups, and draws on students’ prior knowledge. It can be applied very well in various contexts and not just vocabulary development.

A graphic organizer can help your students keep better notes, understand difficult information, or stay awake during that less-than-enthralling lecture. Why not try one today?