Just Yesterday


It seems just yesterday,

I finally learnt how to speak.

And yet other day,

I learnt cycling and not to freak.

It was just yesterday,

I gave my tenth birthday treat,

Noticing a slight change in my tiny physique.


Just another morning in school,

Still fresh an evening in the near by garden and some pool.

Playing with sand and mud,

Without caring about any thug.

Dealing with my first period and pimple,

Were the most baffling things happened to me.

The only things I used to put on,

Was a little frock or a jeans with a tee.


Mascara , Liner or any touch up,

I used to have nothing.

Now,  I show off like a grown up,

That’s another thing.

In those days,

There was only one hand I used to accede.


My  stupid heart longs for another one,

Whom I can call mine ,

Which is there forever to stand by me.


It’s totally different,

How my dreams travelled so far.

From a toy to a wedding dress.

This journey I enjoyed,

With some cheers and some scars.


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