One more time…

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One more time,

She heard a knock on her door.

One more time,

She peeped outside her mysterious abode.

One more time,

She resisted.

And for one more time,

The one insisted.

Once again,

The girl tried her usual  hiding away to keep herself from getting hurt.

But once again,

The outsider persisted.

Once again,

She dared to let go of her fear.

And once again,

The journey began.

A journey of adventure, passion, devotion, care and concern.

But this time,

It was peculiar.

Peculiar in every sense one could think of.

Unlike before,

She did things unknown,

Travelled  places remote,

Followed things to the core.

She was like the moon,

Part of her was always hidden away.

And deep-down she was still not sure,

If things will be in her favour,

Or it will be tough to endure.

So, she kept her eyes shut,

To not pay attention.

Always kept ignoring,

To not listen the language of love.

She kept locking,

Herself in  the darkness.

Though mildly, 

But she heard the whisper of her heart.

Though slowly,

But she agreed upon, to let herself go,

Close to the one,

Standing after her door.

Her solitary life,

Became accompanied one.

Her silenced tones,

Got tuned again.

Her restricted smile,

Bloomed without being refrained.

Life for her,

Has always been so strange.

Dependency and vulnerability,

Is what love always gives.

The fire within, is tough to carry.

To wipe off those tears  might seem easy,

But to smile with those tears,

Is where the burden lies.

Sometimes it’s scary what a fake smile can hide.

Yet, once again she is hoping,

Hoping for the impossible.

Yet, once again she is trying,

Trying to win the unconquerable.

Yet, once again she is longing,

Longing to get the unattainable.

For, this time

She believes, life can’t be unfair to her.

For, she knows, after this time,

There won’t be another chance for her. 


2 thoughts on “One more time…

    • You always drop by …you don’t need to be updated just come out of somewhere and give your cmmnts about whatever I write. And that my frnd touch my heart every time you are here( I am serious). I am always gratified. A big thanks to you dear. 🙂

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