Another year passed by

Oh my goodness! it just struck me.

Gone is the girl hopping in the kid’s play,

Gone is the girl in her teenage,

Gone is the girl moving from a heartbreak.


This year presents you a girl,

Who is transformed.

Constructing her ways,

Fighting an uphill battle,

And coping with tumultuary crowd of thoughts,





That keep restricting her from taking steps ahead,

Wishing for the positive to cross her paths,

And learn not to be invaded by insecurities,

and have some level of trust in what she is!


jumping up or falling down,

Having faith and not to frown.

Crawling up or crippling down,

Flying high and not to sit down.

One step further, another step behind.

The girl, thus, learnt to open her mind.


On this twenty fourth birthday 🙂


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