Teen Love



Young, naughty and a little sloppy,

 It was HER.

Informed, concerned but a little cheerless,

It was HIM.

The thing in common,

Was the dent in their hearts,

And the tragedy in their past,

For life has been a little unkind.

Yet, they both kept it moving,

And made peace without being unruly.

Both were like magnets.

Always repellent.

Opposing, fighting, and ever protesting

They continued.

What they often forgot was,

The string that combined them.

A string so strong, so taintless,

That even the hardest of times wouldn’t let it ravel.

A faith that much divine,

Which even the hardest of hours couldn’t convert.

They knew,

No matter how much they have at each other,

Something will always be there.

And that something which was unknown 

Would stick them together.


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