After a while…..












After a while,

people get used to the untold ups and downs.

And learn to pick themselves up

who at the start knew only to frown.


After a while,

Life directs you 

to choose between the two.

And even if you can’t help it

you get the hang of the manner how it works.


After a while

the gaps are widened, 

the expectations left out

and the wounded heart cease to cause any pain.


After a while

people accept their fall

more with their head and not with their forlorn hearts.


After a while

we understand that it’s only us 

who can pave a way for our lives

and others are only to dig a grave.


After a while 

we all learn to move on

without having anyone to take your side.

After a while

we understand

someone’s not wanting us

is the beginning of we wanting ourselves.


It’s only after a while

when nothing seems to matter.

Be it an aching heart,

or a chained soul.

And with every goodbye

you learn to get the hold of your life

once and for all.

And you find out how much courage it takes

to go through that door. 





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