Man asked God,

Why people embed their beliefs in something unseen,

Something which might not be true?

And can always count on you?


God answered,

A man’s instincts and convictions are stronger than the hard times he faces.

These instincts are the reason,

I get an advantage which might seem undue. 


The man then asked,

Why impulses and intuitions invade the reason?

God replied,

Rationality is man’s quality,

Yet impulses take over as man’s priority!


Man thought for a moment,

Then turns up with another query.

What happens to those who beat the odds,

And make a difference calling destiny a fraud ?


God responded,

“Every age requires heroes like that!”


The man looked up in the sky and pushed another one.

Dark and delusional is your image in my mind.

God now smiled and said,

” I would say trust your reason and do what you feel is right”.


Man then reverberated,

Why do they say you will correct all my mistakes and will never betray?

God responded,

” Yes I do! but for all your deeds you need to pay!

Sometimes sooner, sometimes later,

Things will happen to you,

Depending upon the path you defer to.”





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