Girl Meets World










Sometimes we walk alone, 

To pick up on the pathway of life, 

Which was yet unknown. 

The best beginnings, 

Might sometimes end in sorrow.

But even in the darkest hours

The light will gleam tomorrow.

Just when you thought,

The world is over and the time is gone,

Life took a turn anew,

As fresh as morning dew.

A fresh start or a new dawn.

But sometimes we walk alone.

Although the cares of life will be missed,

And the touch of near ones will be remembered always.

But the storms of today and tomorrow,

Will leave impressions of rainbow.


Before the year ends and life gets totally changed,

Heart craves to look behind,

Mind wants to deliberate some more,

Before time turns absolutely strange.

Dare to take steps ahead,

And soon,

You will be racing the winds,

Chasing your dreams,

For opportunities do not come everyday.

Let go of the chains of your past,

To conquer the new world,

Waiting for you today.


98bc5bfdc5a1fd7816206991e6cd1c74Wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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