Give me back

missing home

Give me back

those little steps,

Give me back,

the loud innocent cry.

Give me back,

The warmest hug,

The sweetest kiss

And the strongest bond.

Never thought this day,

Would take away,

Everything I had

From the starting till the end.

All I can do

Is to travel all through.

It takes a lifetime,

To collect memories,

Like they do pearls

Each memory worth the pain that buries.

Often I think

May be that was it.

May be, I lost them all

All at once.

May be this is what they say,

Is how a homesick feels.

May be this is the same feeling,

That even my thoughts used to dread.

May be this is

How moments turn into memories

Before we realize.

May be this is the place,

People call emptiness.

Nothing is left to be cherished,

all I have now,

Is a room full of loneliness and memories.

Leaving everything behind,

is never easy,

For people might come and go,

It’s their memories which stay.


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