A letter to Darry…


There are days,

There is time,

When I need the blessings,

The blessings to climb.

It took a lifetime,

For me to know,

How it is to be a parent,

And may be not just a parent, but to be someone like you.

A parent who never gives upon you.

I feel like the lark,

That enjoys the freedom in day.

And an owl at midnight,

That cries under bedsheets today.

Gone are the days,

When the word Papa,

Was the solution of every squeak.

Gone are the days,

When holding your finger,

I could walk miles.

Dad, you are the shining star

I want to see everyday.

You are the medicine,

Of all my squeaks and strains.

Separation might have taken you away,

Your teachings will always find their way.

With love on this Father’s Day…Love you Papa!


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