A Special Morning







♥A special morning for me would be a morning when I wake up and blessed with a chance to live my childhood again. As I’m a grown up twenty-five year girl now, I crave for the days which are gone. While writing this I feel nostalgic because that was really the golden time of life which is worth living again. I wish for the mornings when waking up late wouldn’t mess up things for my life, when I’m not supposed to cook for myself and others rather I insist someone to cook something special for me.

After being independent in life, I have truly recognized the value of time, family, money and all the things which I took for granted being a child. But one more thing that I’ve learnt after all this while is the significance and the speciality of childhood.

For me, a morning where I can afford to be late, to  make silly errors which can or cannot be expected , to take risks, to daydream, to forget dates and deadlines, a time where I don’t care about anything except flying, like a lark. It would be a time when I pick my school bag and go to school again to read, to learn, to imagine, to play, to explore, to laugh and sing the song of my heart.

Life becomes mundane when we grow up and we tend to follow all the rules which are dictated to us in some way or the other. I’m not against following rules and restrictions but the sort of innocence with which a child breaks a rule without worrying about being judged for his or her behaviour is totally different and actually a blessing to have.


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