Desert Coursers


Adventure trips give people a chance to shun the barrenness of a busy life. After all life is all about collecting moments and not things. A lifestyle full of schedules and mundane tasks tends to deviate from the path of happiness and mental clarity. We are accumulating stress in all areas of our life, robbing us of pleasure and adversely reducing both or personal and professional effectiveness. It’s for this reason that Stephen Covey has dedicated his ‘Seven Habits of Effective People’ to self renewal through recreation and relaxation. Goofing around every now and then or chilling out in the lap of nature become inevitable as we believe that the human spirit needs places where Nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man.

Being an educator, I’d like to call it one of those few advantages of my profession that I get such getaways or opportunities where we can spend some days in the wilderness and learn more from nature.

My recent visit to a very small town, Zainabad, Gujarat gave me a couple of good memories to remember and cherish forever. Zainabad is situated in Gujarat and is primarily a tourist destination. Mainly nature lovers and tourists of the world visit this place for it excellent scenic landscape. It was a very unique stay made all the more special by the presence of helpful volunteers and knowledgeable guides who organized the camp.

There are a bunch of traditionally built, eco-friendly cottages, locally called Koobas. Each of them have a small front porch where one can sit on a swing and take in the wonderful surroundings. Inside are traditional Khatiyas with super-comfortable bedding and quilts. These khatiyas don’t look it but are extremely comfortable.


These cottages are fantastic for a true taste of rural life lost in the mist of dust and a continuous stench of mud. The stay includes all meals, which are prepared fresh on-site and served in a beautiful open-air setting.


Desert Coursers is the premier establishment for birding, culture and experiencing the Little Rann of Kutch. A geographically unique landform, the Asiatic wild ass roams free here.The Little Rann also abounds in birdlife and is a popular breeding area for Flamingoes.


Just around 50 km from Zainabad is a place called Modhera which is famous for it’s unique cultural heritage, The Sun Temple. This temple has resemblance with the Konark and Khajuraho temples in architectural style. Built in 1026-27 by King Bhimdev, it was partially damaged when Mahmud of Ghazni raided it. The Sanctum Sanctorum, was designed such, that the rays of the rising and setting sun on the day of equinox, fell on the bejewelled statue.


The experience has been truly a fantastic one for me as it gave me a break from my routine mundane tasks and charged me up for my upcoming endeavors. Be it a ride on the safaris or just a stroll around the cottages, it’s great to relax and rejuvenate yourself by reconnecting with Nature. I believe it is indeed a different experience for all those people who generally search relaxation in malls and movie halls.

The simple yet difficult lifestyle of the tribal and villagers touched my heart endlessly. It felt like a complete blend of struggle and satisfaction. I feel once in a while it is important for all of us to log off from our daily routines and go camping.



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