Last Night



Last night was entirely sleepless,
A sleep deprived body,
Seeking shelter in changing sides.
Clothes of last night smell shame and regret.
Felt hard to breathe,
In hope to find tranquility,
Tired and uninspired,
Initiated a discourse with past.

Past said mockingly,
“You chose to walk away”.
Present said miserably,
‘Don’t dwell on what went wrong”.

A voice I heard,
Let me breathe a little more,
Let me quench my arid heart,
Oh night..
Wipe away these faint scars,
Let me sleep once and forever.

It is indeed a dark night,
Having lost all the flavours of life,
Emptiness is tearing apart,
Every inch of this existence.

A life full of regrets,
Is already empty.
A body without life,
Is already fire.
A soul without peace,
Is already departed.
A heart so numb,
Is already dead.


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