The Window


A window is not just a window for the admission of air and light, it has functions beyond that. If you observe closely, it seems like a fissure to a potpourri of myriad stories to expose. With that hot mug of cappuccino, you need to tune in for stories, the ones which appear as commonplace and nugatory at times, yet these flimsy stories become special and fill us with gratitude, when we realize how these show the ropes for a better acceptance of life. Sometimes when we are irked.

There are moments when we are so caught up in our own lives that we hardly seem to know our neighbourhood. Indeed we all are trading with severe tribulations and are gravely affected with the reign of all-pervading satiety and tedium, and it is within those moments of distress that in the loneliness of our room, we fortuitously unlock the window, hoping to get some fresh air. In an attempt to alleviate the troubled brain, we get lucky as it serves just a little more than that.

A little boy playing with his mother while the mother running after the toddler like her world revolves around him and the moment she gets the hold of him, she unfolds an ethereal smile. Wow! isn’t the gesture extremely gorgeous?

And then there is another story when the little kid has evolved into a quick-tempered teenager. He, who once found peace in his mother’s arms, now finds happiness and excitement in the outside world, a world which is unruly and cruel. Just at that moment you feel like telling him to not get carried away and be too conclusive with the false image of the world. Somehow, you are able to see yourself in the haughty teenager and it’s almost like revisiting yourself down the memory lane.

Before you get time to ponder upon how time flies and toddlers grow up into arguing teenagers, you find yourself witnessing another story where a man in his forties is struggling with the loneliness which has become his constant companion after having lost his mother. The creaking sound of the rusted doors is the only sound in his house, the broken window panes seem to be shattered already without a wind stroke and the cracked walls define the untold tale of his dis-favored life. He has peacefully embraced life as it is.

Finally after absorbing the gist of these trivial tales, you settle down your puzzled mind by deliberating a good deal over the thoughts which were obstructing your train of ideas and optimistic views. Unknowingly, you compare your situation with theirs and get an answer for what was troubling you. In the end, you may not be able to get all the answers, but certainly it made you know that this too shall pass.

Always remember most things will be okay eventually, but not everything will be. Sometimes we need to let go. Acceptance is a small, quiet room.


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