Blessed to be a Teacher

5th of September is observed as one of the most auspicious day in the life of an educator. Although everyday is joyous and full of learning with students yet we simply cannot overlook the solemnity of celebrating Teachers’ Day.

It’s a day when our dear students take all the pains and go an extra mile to make our day special. They make us realize that Teaching isn’t just a profession , but a promise and a lifelong relation between a student and a teacher.

I consider myself lucky and feel really proud that my students love me for what I’ve done for them. From listening to their problems to preparing them for the real world, a teacher always makes sure to influence a child’s life for eternity. I feel accountable for each one of them because I want them to pick up the best of everything and become a better human being.

Spent a wonderful day with my students and I’m glad that my students find me worthy of all the love they showered on me today. When I saw their twinkling eyes, felt their immense love in their hugs and kisses, and addressed my cupcakes this morning, and tears in my eyes, I felt overjoyed.








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