Those Three words


Those three words he hardly ever said,

Converting my expectation to doubt,

Leading me to an endless series of droughts.

Often I found him confessing deepest of his secrets into me.

And gave me reasons numerous to glee.

Yet those three words he hardly ever said.


Whenever I fell down, he came to my aid.

As I was on the verge of falling for those eyes,

Thinking of him,

Finally uttering those three words.

One more time, this doltish heart of mine,

Was  scolded to expect the unreal.


Then,  one day while sitting alone,

It occurred to me, more like an enlightenment,

How foolish I was to keep finding the wrong things!

Kept wishing when it wasn’t meant to be.


Pondering some more, discovered for my amazement,

Has love ever been restricted to words or annotations?

How about announcing it through actions?

It’s something which is neither loud nor silent.

I became lovesick, for I forgot what love is.


All this while he became a shield,

For a me, so fragile.

Kept donating his bits and pieces,

To create a better ME.

So what, if those three words he hardly ever said.


I couldn’t help smiling,

So much more was said in the unsaid

Like a big time fool,

I kept writing the diaries of grief for the ache of unacknowledged love.

While he  honored it, with unbeatable deeds.

I wished for one star,

While he became the universe.



As quiet as a falling feather,

It wasn’t too easy to hear.

Such was his love,

Silent , pure and dynamic

Still, those three words he hardly ever said.


*Dedicating this one to all those who knows the power of love.





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