Hello New Year


Hey you Mr. New Year!
What makes you come every year?
Hanging like a bag of rocks,
Are these the resolutions, my dear?

You come as a question mark?
And leave as a period.
In my prayers,
I seek joyful rides and lot of cheers.
But sorrow and laughter often come in pairs.

Embracing your uncertainty,
I await to unfold some beautiful chapters of life.
Please deliver a hope in my letter box.
Not just pain and strife.

Be kind to yourself,
And let your kindness flood the world.

So, what will you promise?
Mistakes , worries , fear !
Or a blissful happy new year?




Lend me some moments
From your clock.
Hard , is it for you?
Showing up at your door,
Might allow me a glance,
What if I want to sight more?

Last meeting is fresh in memory,
Wondering how distances affect!
Yesterday tried healing with the treasure of memories you gave,
Fruitless proved my endeavours,
And went my prayers in vain.

Once meet, and meet me forever.
Kill the curiosity of these lips
Combining yours’ together.

Hear the clamor of isolation inside me,
Like a spirit begging to be free.

Call me lunatic or what you may,
Bless me just once and only once for the long awaited play.
I wonder each and everyday,
Is that moment on its way?



Hurricanes come and go,
Making you realize that the earth beneath the feet should be felt every day.
Often people mistake in love,
Thinking they are on cloud nine.
In their sincerity,
Every person is a well wisher,
Every situation is a test of God,
But, I wonder if that is actually true?

Hurricanes don’t respect boundaries.
It hits, it strikes,
Moving the very foundation of hearts.

Too much modesty
Leads nowhere.
One day will be left with nothing,
but a past affair.

You shiver, you sulk, you cry and complain,
But who is there to share this pain,
Or a relation which sustains?




When the shimmering beams of sunlight,

Traces its way down,

To the vicinity of their world,

Lightens up her face with the morning beauty,

She curls up in his arms,

To hide an unexpected disturbance.


To her wonder,

He holds her in a curious warm embrace,

Like a kid,

Holding on his favourite toy,

As if to allow no one,

To take her away even in those unconscious moments.


Giving away her chastity,

She hasn’t lost but gained a world she had never dreamed before.

A world where,

He stays, she lives.

A place where,

He says, she materializes.

A room where,

He orders, she pursues.

A time when,

He departs, she cries.

An abode where,

He loves, she worships.


The moment when she gazed at herself in the mirror,

She discovers how his touch has glistened every bit of her.

How his care has adorned her existence,

How his ethereal love has enamoured her disposition.

At this juncture,

She cannot help but smile,

And thank the lord,

To embed a gem forever in her life.


Last Night



Last night was entirely sleepless,
A sleep deprived body,
Seeking shelter in changing sides.
Clothes of last night smell shame and regret.
Felt hard to breathe,
In hope to find tranquility,
Tired and uninspired,
Initiated a discourse with past.

Past said mockingly,
“You chose to walk away”.
Present said miserably,
‘Don’t dwell on what went wrong”.

A voice I heard,
Let me breathe a little more,
Let me quench my arid heart,
Oh night..
Wipe away these faint scars,
Let me sleep once and forever.

It is indeed a dark night,
Having lost all the flavours of life,
Emptiness is tearing apart,
Every inch of this existence.

A life full of regrets,
Is already empty.
A body without life,
Is already fire.
A soul without peace,
Is already departed.
A heart so numb,
Is already dead.

Gifts of Life


Start your day,
With a beautiful way.
Poking the worries,
Which beside you lay.

Trespassing your life,
Enough of strife,
Caused you anxiety,
Now live with some pride.

Music is here,
To inspire and exonerate.
Friendship is here,
Feel retired and orate.

Happiness from every direction is calling,
Travel the world for futile meaning,
Live your moments,
Without looking for apparent feelings.

Destiny has played its role,
To calm and console.
Pick up the beads,
Let’s go on a stroll.

*Dedicated to my Mentor ¬†ūüėČ




Love, Gratitude, Respect,

Might be mere beautiful words,

For you or people in this world.

As per me, these become my conduct

For thee, who is an honoured soul.


They say true love is the one,

Which is lost.

As per me, losing you is also love,

For I lose myself in you everyday.

Neither hurricanes can move,

Nor cyclones can wash,

Neither earthquakes can demolish,

Nor thunderstorms can broom,

What I bear inside me,

Is an ocean of sentiments,

For my honoured soul.


I may write verses in your praise,

But words can’t really do¬†the justice,

To a heart which is so pure,

To a soul who is so virtuous.


My playfulness often seeks shelter in your arms,

My heart drops its worries in thy thoughts.

Since years I have been waiting,

To mislay my soul in yours,

Whom I call an honoured soul.




My Mirror


Your heart is a mirror,

Where I discover a reflection of my soul.Like a vagabond in a chimerical world,

I was fond of daydreams.

You turned those loony dreams,
To a direction where,
Those dreams became ideas.
Yes, darling you are the mirror who informed me,
‘Let your words be few, And exposures many.
When you close your eyes,
I feel my soul is sealed,
When you look away,
My actuality is squandered,
Your dismay,
Taints my reality and causes,
Disunion of the reflection.



Walking in the streets
I feel should I retreat..
The steps once taken dauntlessly,
Now feels burdened to move further.

Melancholy, Agony and Dejection
Are companions for the path to go on.
The woe is not them,
But the loneliness that follows back,
Brings back the memories turned to dust.

They say it true
Between what is said and not meant,
And what is meant and not said,
Most of love is lost.

Part of grief is
The loss of certainty
That things will be as they have been.

Part of a rat race


I’m part of a rat race.

And I refuse to believe that

I’m what I am.

I  realize this may sound different, but

“Being different isn’t a bad thing”

Is an illusion, and

“Running will make me happy”

So in thirty years, I will teach my children

Their growth is not the only idea.

My children will know that

My aims are straight because


       Is more valuable than

            Being the best.

           I believe

         Once upon a time.

        Schools were great.

But this will not be true in my era.

This is a profit bound society,

         Experts tell me

Thirty years from now, I will be on the verge of drowning,

I do not acknowledge that,

I will be responsible for my own condition.

In the upcoming time,

Running for profit will be the motive.

No longer can anybody say that,

My contenders and I care about teaching values.

It will be apparent that,

The upcoming generation is self interested and greedy.

It is erroneous to count on that

              There is Hope.

All of this will come true unless we reverse it

Note: Inspired from Jonathan Reed’s ‘The Lost Generation”