My Mirror


Your heart is a mirror,

Where I discover a reflection of my soul.Like a vagabond in a chimerical world,

I was fond of daydreams.

You turned those loony dreams,
To a direction where,
Those dreams became ideas.
Yes, darling you are the mirror who informed me,
‘Let your words be few, And exposures many.
When you close your eyes,
I feel my soul is sealed,
When you look away,
My actuality is squandered,
Your dismay,
Taints my reality and causes,
Disunion of the reflection.



Walking in the streets
I feel should I retreat..
The steps once taken dauntlessly,
Now feels burdened to move further.

Melancholy, Agony and Dejection
Are companions for the path to go on.
The woe is not them,
But the loneliness that follows back,
Brings back the memories turned to dust.

They say it true
Between what is said and not meant,
And what is meant and not said,
Most of love is lost.

Part of grief is
The loss of certainty
That things will be as they have been.

Part of a rat race


I’m part of a rat race.

And I refuse to believe that

I’m what I am.

I  realize this may sound different, but

“Being different isn’t a bad thing”

Is an illusion, and

“Running will make me happy”

So in thirty years, I will teach my children

Their growth is not the only idea.

My children will know that

My aims are straight because


       Is more valuable than

            Being the best.

           I believe

         Once upon a time.

        Schools were great.

But this will not be true in my era.

This is a profit bound society,

         Experts tell me

Thirty years from now, I will be on the verge of drowning,

I do not acknowledge that,

I will be responsible for my own condition.

In the upcoming time,

Running for profit will be the motive.

No longer can anybody say that,

My contenders and I care about teaching values.

It will be apparent that,

The upcoming generation is self interested and greedy.

It is erroneous to count on that

              There is Hope.

All of this will come true unless we reverse it

Note: Inspired from Jonathan Reed’s ‘The Lost Generation”

To Mother


Dear mother,

Have never got a chance to see you, but this one is for you.



For the months,

You tended me inside you,

Safe, unhurt and sheltered,

For the times,

I unknowingly hit your womb,

I bow in front of you to hoist a burden like me.



There is a bond between a daughter and a mother,

Which for my life, I could not bring together.

Mother, till now I have never thought of you.

It’s the first time ever,

I’m truly craving for you to be here,

To hold my hand, to kiss my forehead, to wipe my tears,

Just like they do for all others.


So many things, Mom, I miss,

Your gentle hug and the tender kiss.

I can only imagine,

It must be an absolute bliss.


Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day


Lies we told…


The lies we told
As if to behold
The moment which is spent
Not much is left
For us to repent.

Quite shiny it looks from outside
Gestures of these young lovers.
Hiding, are they?
Or just acting under cover.

Tracing the steps of love
Follows hatred to its door.
Perceived it to have died,
Causes the removal,
Of sentiments from the core.

Once together and entwined,
Heart ceases to live, to crave and to be satiated.
And that my friend,
Causes the love to be a liability.

A Special Morning







♥A special morning for me would be a morning when I wake up and blessed with a chance to live my childhood again. As I’m a grown up twenty-five year girl now, I crave for the days which are gone. While writing this I feel nostalgic because that was really the golden time of life which is worth living again. I wish for the mornings when waking up late wouldn’t mess up things for my life, when I’m not supposed to cook for myself and others rather I insist someone to cook something special for me.

After being independent in life, I have truly recognized the value of time, family, money and all the things which I took for granted being a child. But one more thing that I’ve learnt after all this while is the significance and the speciality of childhood.

For me, a morning where I can afford to be late, to  make silly errors which can or cannot be expected , to take risks, to daydream, to forget dates and deadlines, a time where I don’t care about anything except flying, like a lark. It would be a time when I pick my school bag and go to school again to read, to learn, to imagine, to play, to explore, to laugh and sing the song of my heart.

Life becomes mundane when we grow up and we tend to follow all the rules which are dictated to us in some way or the other. I’m not against following rules and restrictions but the sort of innocence with which a child breaks a rule without worrying about being judged for his or her behaviour is totally different and actually a blessing to have.

Heritage Exhibition

Nowadays I’m teaching about Indian heritage in my History class. While describing the events, monuments, traditions and skills of olden times, I was thinking if I could give them a deep insight into the topic by going beyond the textbook.

One field trip to the museum would have helped but not much, one round of audio-visual clips would have triggered interest but not till the depth of the topic. There was a constant need to touch the things and feel it.

The thought struck me when we started discussing the skills of weaving and spinning. I was discussing different fabrics with them and then I realized how nice it would be if the students could actually touch the fabrics and realize the difference in each of them. After all, fabrics are meant to be touched and felt, not just discussed. This thought made me think what can be done for this by staying within the four walls of classroom and still exploring the beauty and glory of past. I wanted to surprise my students with something they didn’t expect their teacher would do on just another day.

Somebody once told me that we all should spend sometime thinking over the steps we want to take so that we’re able to deliver better.

Some words can get you started. I began to execute my plan. For me, it was a step ahead than the traditional. It was just a small effort for my children because they are special.

I collected different variety of fabrics, embroidery and thread work from different sources. Arranging them was a bit of task, but colleagues supported enough to get it done. A small exhibition displaying different fabrics, embroidery, other thread work, pictures and artefacts of ancient time with some encyclopedia were kept to enlighten them with something tangible and new. The heritage walk was followed by a feedback session in which I asked the students about what things they liked, what they remember and what changes they expect.

The outcome of the event is that now they look forward to the History class. There comes a time when being an educator we start over-preparing even for the not-so-important things, for we know someone is expecting more from us. The best thing about this Heritage walk is that the slow learners learnt few things out of it and I saw some new hands being raised in my History session which was a moment of proud for me as an educator.

Journey of Love


I don’t know, since when,

Holding your hand and walking beside,

Turned into clinging and forced you to divide.

You would be happy to know,

I somehow learnt walking alone,

Yet feel strong.

About happiness I cannot say much,

For you never count it with smiles and gestures.

The story of happiness is such.

The journey might become cumbersome,

Gardens might turn graveyards,

And barren would be the paths.

The more I tried,

The more I kept losing.

The more I took pains,

The more I was treated with disdain.

Once you were the twinkle of my eyes,

The voice in my words,

The calmness on my face,

And my footprints’ trace.

Such is the history of love,

Incomplete, obsolete and discreet.


A letter to Darry…


There are days,

There is time,

When I need the blessings,

The blessings to climb.

It took a lifetime,

For me to know,

How it is to be a parent,

And may be not just a parent, but to be someone like you.

A parent who never gives upon you.

I feel like the lark,

That enjoys the freedom in day.

And an owl at midnight,

That cries under bedsheets today.

Gone are the days,

When the word Papa,

Was the solution of every squeak.

Gone are the days,

When holding your finger,

I could walk miles.

Dad, you are the shining star

I want to see everyday.

You are the medicine,

Of all my squeaks and strains.

Separation might have taken you away,

Your teachings will always find their way.

With love on this Father’s Day…Love you Papa!

Lessons Learnt

Living away from home has never been easy for anyone. We got to do a lot of adjustments and settlements here and there. In the end, we may or may not be satisfied, yet we get accustomed to the whole thing and make peace with it. Those who could not, give way to fear or defeat. After all, it’s the courage to continue that actually counts. This whole living-away experience gives us several things and in the end, we find ourselves mustering a bag full of memories of solitude and self-discovery. Luckily, mine has been a good one so far.

A sneak peek into the lessons learnt until now 😉

1. Family Members

No matter wherever we go on this planet, family members are the first ones who would make a huge difference when you choose to stay away. Their presence in life and around you does matter whether we realize or not. We usually don’t, until they’re gone for some reason. So, respect them, treat them with utmost importance and take care of them, for you may not realize their worth today, but someday you will.

2. Roommate- Immediate family

Lucky are the ones, those who have a good one to spend their time. If our roomie is kind and helpful, then our experience becomes an adorable one. Though, at times, difference in opinions may occur or ‘ the Ego’ might get hurt in conflicts. But all that becomes acceptable, if it is in moderation and do not cross the limits of decency or what we say healthy discussions. Always remember, when family is not there, he/she will give you the kind of mental and emotional support which only family gives and will make you think that you’re not alone in your hard times.

3.Do not overlook any skill

Sometimes we do not realize the value of few things, we tend to underrate them and keep longing for more. Longing for more is okay, but we should never underestimate a skill. In the long run, it can become a game-changer.

4. The do-it-alone strategy works

The first step is always the scariest one. It often acts as a big restraint in our endeavours. Trust me when I say, go for it and do not stop and take the charge of whole thing alone. Do not wait for people to accompany you in your troubles, because they may help you today, but they won’t forever. So, yeah take the lead, be the captain of your ship and victory will follow.

5. Distractions distract

There will be quite a few distractions around you. Things you crave for, things you don’t want anymore, people you are afraid to face and such. If you’re on a goal drive and are preventing yourself to come across any such situations, believe me, they will chase you like anything. Our will power becomes the saviour at such times.

6. The ‘You’ in you will surprise you

Yes, it is true. If you have dared to leave everything dear to you once aside and have considered the idea of staying alone to achieve something, then you are in for a surprise. The hidden ‘You’ inside you will appear in your hardships and will show that you can do it too.

7. Mental worries

Life is full of ups and downs, few mental imbalances, traumas, trials and tribulations, some great people and some terrible ones. Learn from your failures and do not give up. You might not be able to do it today, but perseverance is the key. Accept the decisions of destiny with grace. Be a little selfish and go on.

As is rightly said somewhere,

“You’ll have bad times, but it’ll always wake you up to the good stuff you were’nt paying attention to.”

8. In the end, you’re alone

You might be surrounded with family, friends, relations , love today, but a time will come when you will be left with none of them and that day you will be on your own. People will claim love, show care, behave nicely, support you, but one day they will leave you to deal with everything on your own. So, I think we all should live away and alone at least for once in a while. It gives you that feeling of how it is like to be on one’s own.

As the famous author says,

“I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.”

9. It’s all about being happy

Happiness is overrated. Happiness has different definitions. It is not confined in few things. Anything can be a reason for anybody to be happy. For me, if I’m able to do my work perfectly, if I get good company and have a bunch of kind people around me, have a goal in my life to achieve, have a plan to implement, I’m happy. A thoughtless life and an aimless journey never gives you happiness.

10. Money matters

It is only after I started living on my own, I truly recognized the value of each penny I earn, each penny I spend, each penny I waste and each penny I save. Nobody likes to give away their hard-earned money to flow like foam. I learnt that earning is easy, the secret lies in saving it for future and making the righteous use of it. It is a skill must for everyone.